As every custumer sets his own individual priorities objective advising is our ultimate ambition. Their lifestyle habits, their furnishing, the brightness of their rooms and their individual sense of taste play a central role in our daily work.

Besides technical factors like the hardness and the resilience of the wood even aesthetical items like the choice of the colour and the degree of the oxidation are of great importance.

Thereby we always advise in an objective manner which means, we consider the merits and demerits of each product frankly.

We offer a considerable variety of brands with a product line-up compiled of lots of manufacturers to find the best results in every price range.

Out of consideration for the nature we advise you profoundly with regards to ecology and sustainability.

Even the local general conditions will be eyed up thoroughly. That´s why our tentative offer is adjusted for each and every individual situation. This being the basis for your ideal choice and our claim to good expert advice.

Our on-site advising includes:

  • Measuring out the rooms
  • Checking the ability of refurbishing existing wooden floors
  • Checking the consistency of the subfloor
  • Clarification of the technical feasibility
  • Aesthetical advice as to choice of colour, sizes of formats, laying methods and the alignment of the laying.
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