Our Range of work performances:

  • Sale and laying of parquet floors and floorboards
  • as well as textile flooring such as carpet, needle felting, sisal, coconut, seaweed and elastic flooring such as PVC, linoleum, caoutchouc, laminate
  • Repair of wooden floors and other floor coatings
  • Grinding, lacquering respectively oiling of parquet, floorboards and stairs
  • Inspection and processing of floor screed
  • Custom-made dirt trap systems
  • Laying of dischargeable and antistatic flooring 
  • Asbestos- and PAH reconstruction
  • Construction of wooden substructure incl. insulations
  • Delivery and fitting of wooden decks for terraces and balconies
  • Delivery and fitting of dirt-trap systems
  • Special solutions, such as vintage flooring, laying of sample floorings, antique wooden floors and coatings
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