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Treppenstufen aus Parkett gefertigt
Treppe aus Eichenholz geschliffen und versiegelt
Treppe aus Landhausdiele gefertigt

We produce and install individual stairs and staircases in cooperation with leading carpenter- and metal construction companies.

It is often difficult to find a stair-surface which matches the surrounding floors. Especially due to the huge design-variety of finished parquet it is almost impossible to produce a fitting stair made of massive wood.

We are specialised in producing stairs made of the same parquet, should an optical match with a massive wooden stair not be practicable.

Furthermore we renovate existing stairs by grinding and resealing/lubricating and renew PVC- and linoleum surfaces on stairs.

A small excerpt of our craftsmanship can be viewed at the menu item   galery/stairs .

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