Wooden flooring makes you experience the beauty of nature in a great variety of design alternatives.

Wood as a material consists of many qualities which makes it very precious.

Wooden flooring treats your feet with a warm, comfortable feeling, is principally acknowledged as being antibacterial and usually easy to care.

Floors made of wood can be grinded and therefore are made for long term use. Due to it´s hygroscopic nature wood contributes to balanced indoor climate.

Thanks to modern technology wood being used as a two-layerd construction is outstandingly applicable with underfloor heating and the use of thin wear layers preserves a sustainable dealing with our natural resources.

You will find a variety of various wooden floors in the galery

Choosing a wooden floor

usually happens just a few times during lifetime. Therefore it is of great importance to get informed thoroughly. Just picking the wood by the shade of it`s colour often proves to be unsatisfying.

We`like to give detailed advise to you considering the following items.

  • Is the type of wood durable enough for the planned area of use?
  • Which finish suits best(oil/lacquer)?
  • Can the product be recommended for the use with underfloor heating?
  • How many times might the parquet be grinded?
  • Which ecological aspects will be taken into account?
  • How much does the floor change during use?
  • How to clean and care for the floor best?
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